What does Shiza mean?

Shiza can have multiple different meanings, depending on the person who says it.

  1. Another word for the profanity “shit”. Similar to scheisse.
  2. A reaction term indicating surprise or awe, similar to “OMG” or “Wow!”
  3. Made up term from the adult cartoon South Park, referring to the sexual act of desecrating on someone’s chest.

It is great controversy surrounding what the term actually means, as every person who defines it is certain that their definition is the only one correct.


What's the origin of Shiza?

For the first definition meaning “shit”, the word is similar to the German term “scheisse”, correctly written Scheiße. It is a common profanity in the German language.

The second definition is most likely derived from the first one, by people who didn’t know what it meant, and rather derived it from the circumstance of its use.

For the scat fetish definition, “shiza” was mentioned by the character Kyle when they found a video on the internet of Cartman’s mom getting pooped on.

Spread & Usage

How did Shiza spread?

While no one knows for sure what it means, the slang is normally used as a reaction term, either in negative situations; “shit”, or during surprise; “wow”.

The majority of its use, however, are between people arguing that their online definition is the correct one.

External resources

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