What does PepePls mean?

PepePls is an animated gif of Pepe the Frog with a sad face, dancing to both left and right. The emote can be found on the streaming website as part of the BTTV (Better Twitch TV) addons unique emotes.

The emote I used to express acceptance/resignation of given situations as well as cheering while still being sad in the chat section of given streamer.

PepePls is a variant of the many emotes created from the character Pepe the Frog:

When you sad in the club but your song comes on


What's the origin of PepePls?

PepePls was created by combining the emote FeelsBadMan (featuring Pepe the Frog) and an animated, green dancing body. The animated emote was first uploaded to BTTV in mid-2015

Spread & Usage

How did PepePls spread?

A very popular emote on the streaming website, popularised by streamers like xQcOW, who has imitated the movement of PepePls while live streaming a game in front of an audience.

As of 10/12/2019. PepePls is 25th on the top 100 most used emotes list according to the website StreamElements.

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