What does Soyjak mean?

Soyjak refers to a variation of the original Wojak meme, used for mocking men considered effeminate and geeky.

“Soyjak” is often depicted with an open mouth, referring to the common stereotype of Beta Males and Beta Orbiters to smile excitedly with their mouths wide open.


What's the origin of Soyjak?

While the exact origins of the “Soyjak” meme is not known, an early post containing an illustration was shared on 4chan’s /int/ in late 2017.

It was around this time, that the open mouth, faux-surprise smile was also the topic of discussions on numerous message boards and forums, labeling men who pose such a smile nu-male or Beta Male.

Spread & Usage

How did Soyjak spread?

With the release of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, many photos would surface online, depicting fully grown men with a childlike smile posing with the console.

These photos would result in the further development of the “Soyjak” trope.

In the following years, the meme became well established in the meme canon, like Chad, Wojak, Zoomer and Boomer.

“Soyjak” would also be featured on various other meme formats, like the Yes Chad in 2019.

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