Yes Chad


What does Yes Chad mean?

Yes Chad, also referred to as Nordic Gamer on occasion, is a popular meme template, related to the Chad Thundercock and the GigaChad memes, depicting a handsome, bearded men, saying yes with confidence.

The “Yes Chad” meme is mostly used online as a reaction image for when someone calls out others about their flaws, which they confidently take upon themselves, which is a Pro Gamer Move, resulting in an Epic Gamer Moment.



What's the origin of Yes Chad?

The “Yes Chad” template originates from the Nordic/Mediterranean meme which compared the characteristics of the two major European archetypes.

The titular format was first posted on Twitter on August 1st, 2019, by @yachs_91.

It received a lot of likes and retweets within a few days, while also spawning a lot of variations, setting a trend.

Spread & Usage

How did Yes Chad spread?

Exploitable and reaction image macros of the “Yes Chad” template would spread quick on Twitter and 4chan, merging the trend with established memes like Are Ya Winning Son.

Within weeks the format had appeared on sites like 4chan, Twitter, 9GAG as well as the r/memes and r/dankmemes subs of Reddit, just to list a few.

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