Chad Thundercock


What does Chad Thundercock mean?

Chad Thundercock is the alpha of all males.

He is a stud. He is tan with big muscles and a massive six pack. He is normally white, with fair hair, and he reeks of testosterone.

Chad Thundercock is insanely attractive, and all the women want him. He can talk to anyone, and everyone wants to talk to him.

The captain of the football team is Chad. He is often seen without a shirt, and he chugs his beer straight from the keg.

The female version of Chad is Stacy, and they are both 10’s on the scale of attractivity, the “decile scale”.

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What's the origin of Chad Thundercock?

The slang Chad originates from Illinois in Chicago.

In the 90’s, it was used as a derogatory term for successful, young men, be it athletic, business or with the ladies.

In the early 2000’s it was described on the internet as the high school or college alpha male that likes to pick up women.

The full name Chad Thundercock was first introduced in 2013 by user Dr. James Russell on Urban Dictionary.

Spread & Usage

How did Chad Thundercock spread?

The netflix series “Blue Mountain State” features the football team captain “Thad”, clearly inspired by Chad, and many other forms of media feature a similar character.

Today, the term is still considered derogatory, and is rarely used by a “successful alpha male” about himself. It is more often used by other men, who is or isn’t jealous of the Chad.

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