What does Milkwalker mean?

Milkwalker, also known as Milkwalker Ambassador refer to the anthropomorphic cartoon company mascot of Darigold Inc, featured on milk cartons.

The character became popular due to its disproportionate limbs, which make it appear like an eldritch abomination straight from a nightmare, like Gorefield in the Bullets Don’t Work, Jon comics.

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What's the origin of Milkwalker?

The mascot was created by Darigold Inc. during the 1980’s and was printed on to the side of milk cartons, along with a public service announcement, telling children to remember their full names, addresses and phone number.

“Milkwalker” started emerging on the internet for the first time in 2016, when it was posted to Tumblr by Heck-Yeah-Old-Tech.

Spread & Usage

How did Milkwalker spread?

Shortly after the initial Tumblr post, the popularity of “Milkwalker” started increasing, with fan-made art interpretations, as well as creepypastas and memes were surging both on Tumblr as well as sites like Twitter, DeviantArt, and YouTube, as well as Reddit’s r/WTF sub.

On December 10th, 2016, The Daily Dot published an article revolving around the increasing fanbase of the “Milkwalker”.

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